Saturday, 27 November 2010

a bug's lifee'.

my screen has cocked up so as i cant actually see what im typing, i shall keep it short and sweet. the snow came yesterday, its everywhere and so white!
im sat snuggled on the sofa watching bugs life, feels like i havent had any me time in so long. i'll write later when my netbook sorts itself out.
loves, emmm xo

Saturday, 6 November 2010

i'm so heavy in your arms'

awh how cute was firework night :)
finally saw tom again, he walked down to meet me and we went to the stray and watched the fireworks with a bunch of our chums. they did love heart fireworks i was like awh <3 tom stood and hugged me until they all finished, i've missed him :)
both got a bit drunk like, ops.
IVE JUST MADE A LOOKBOOK ACCOUNT ! and and and, i made my banner finally, its not very good but its a start. now that i know what im doing i can make my next one ever better man.
adios for noww, im off to clean my mess of a bedroom.
shall keep you guys updated on the tom situation :)
p.s i am in love with keith lemon, dont be a dingbat !