Saturday, 27 November 2010

a bug's lifee'.

my screen has cocked up so as i cant actually see what im typing, i shall keep it short and sweet. the snow came yesterday, its everywhere and so white!
im sat snuggled on the sofa watching bugs life, feels like i havent had any me time in so long. i'll write later when my netbook sorts itself out.
loves, emmm xo

Saturday, 6 November 2010

i'm so heavy in your arms'

awh how cute was firework night :)
finally saw tom again, he walked down to meet me and we went to the stray and watched the fireworks with a bunch of our chums. they did love heart fireworks i was like awh <3 tom stood and hugged me until they all finished, i've missed him :)
both got a bit drunk like, ops.
IVE JUST MADE A LOOKBOOK ACCOUNT ! and and and, i made my banner finally, its not very good but its a start. now that i know what im doing i can make my next one ever better man.
adios for noww, im off to clean my mess of a bedroom.
shall keep you guys updated on the tom situation :)
p.s i am in love with keith lemon, dont be a dingbat !

Monday, 11 October 2010

i've got some time yus ?

oh man, life is so great i mean come on i have red hair and amazing friends, a family that support me and all i can think about is how much i miss tom. boys mess with your heads :( its been a month since i last saw him and i cant stop thinking about how much i wish i could have been happyier and i wish i'd just hugged him and taken a moment to memorise his face because now its bluring in my mind. how gay do i sound :| urghh this blog was ment to be something cool but lately its turned into me ranting about how crapp things have gotten. wish i could go back to the summer holidays, i miss tom. end of.
on a more happyier note the inbetweeners is on tonight so im looking forward to that, im not however looking forward to the french and history coursework which is sat waiting for me on my bedroom floor, as im currently taking a break on the sofa and catching up with my desperate housewives :)
right if theres some kind of magical person who reads blogs please oh please can i see tom sometime soon cause its driving me c r a z y !
oohh yeahh i figured out how to sort the border thing, i just need to get photoshop downloaded onto here and its all hunky dorey. ina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

slow down, please ?

really wish i had more time to sit and type up everything thats happened, i was gonna start a little book for gran with everything that i'd done in the day, kinda like a diary but i still havent gotten around to it :/
its unreal how fast this year has gone, i can still remember new years eve as if it was only last week, but i think so much as happened this year, i've met some really amazing people, i've been hurt and let down and i've laughed till i cried. i think that i've changed too and i reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally hope to dye my hair soon, i know its stupid but i think it will give me the confidence boost that i neeed :)
anyway i have to go do my english coursework,
i promise, promise, promise to sort the banner thing out and write more often and not just rambel on about anything :')
LOVES, emm xoxo

Thursday, 23 September 2010

seriously ?!

dayumm. i hate change, period. i miss the summer; late nights, sun 24/7, eating as much crap as you can stomache and tom. but now schools back and winters just around the corner everything changes and i hardly see him, as for eating all the crap im sat with an empty magnum wrapper by my side and a can of sprite on my desk. ops :) gran died this month too, so september what the hell, sort yourself out please (yn) i can only pray that october is better and more nights out with thomas, yesss ?
i'm off to package up a shirt i sold the other day on ebay before i forget to do it, shall write later and will hopefully sort out that titel thing at the top with some cool art shizz. LOVE AND KISSES, emm xoxoxo
forever and always in my heart GRANDMA JOYCE. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 31 August 2010


dudeee ?! yesterday was perfect, watching movies with a 16inch pizza followed by a late night mooch across the beach. wish we'd kissed or at the very least hugged ? ok guys so wish me luck for next time, cause next time i'm gonna make it bloody happen :') oooooooooh and how yummmmy is jasper, he's my new favourite vampire.
anyway till next time,
emma xoxooxoxoxoxoxxo

Friday, 20 August 2010

low battery.

awwwwwwwww, last week one of the most weridest and amazing weeks of my life. i promise i'll blog about it later but im sooo sleeeeeeppy atm :') one word tho - TOM <3 anddd andd and i promise i'll get this blogg all pretty sometime soooon ! inaaa xxxxx

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


ohhh my dayss, i never thought i'd say this but seriously fuck my life. urghhh the summer was going so well and then this week has just sucked so much, oh my worddd i want you back again.
hopefully if the weather stays nice its a day down the beach for me with tom tomorrow, think happy thoughts for me guyss ! (yn)
oh yeahh i did say i was gonna do this blog upp, hhhaaa i still haven't gotten round to doing it, but no fearrr it shall be looooking incredibly sexyyy by the end of the summer :)
over and out. emmmmma

Friday, 9 July 2010

i have his mojo'.

ummmm i do rather love it when someone you havent spoken to in awhile comes back into your life. i've decided to write a story about general crapp since one of my friends is addicted to movies so im going to write a story for him to turn into the next hollywood blockbuster :)
i dont know if im ment to be uploading pictures on here or do i just blab on about anything ?
it seeems at the moment that this blog is just going to be me talking about pointless crap. i hope this summer is a good 'en, i know this is silly but i want to get drunk and hang out with new people, well it would be loverly to have a boyfriend over the summer. mmmmmm would i rather be skinnyer or get a boyfriend, boyfrined i think, but one who actually isnt a dick 24/7. welll guys im off to watch family guy, eee i do love stewii <3
laterzzz, xxx

Thursday, 8 July 2010

'this is impossible'. 'only if you believe it is'.

ever since tv shack got closed down i've been completely stuck for movies until a friend recommened the quality isn't fab but hey ho. i do rather love tim burtons alice in wonderland, and jonny depp as the mad hatter blimeyy o' rileyy he's mental, i adore him.

i'm going to jazz up my blog soon when i have the time, been so busy with coursework and helping my girls finish off their work that the only time im on my netbook is at night, and even then i'm only on facebook and itunes. i've now decided that life's far to short for what if's you should just go be happy, because people don't wait around forever.

till next time, emma :) xxx

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

does this really need a title ?

hey guys, my first blog exciting stuff huh ? :)
mmmmmmm i dont quite know what to
put on here, i'll go read some other peoples blogs and then come back and finish this one.
chowww for nowww.