Friday, 9 July 2010

i have his mojo'.

ummmm i do rather love it when someone you havent spoken to in awhile comes back into your life. i've decided to write a story about general crapp since one of my friends is addicted to movies so im going to write a story for him to turn into the next hollywood blockbuster :)
i dont know if im ment to be uploading pictures on here or do i just blab on about anything ?
it seeems at the moment that this blog is just going to be me talking about pointless crap. i hope this summer is a good 'en, i know this is silly but i want to get drunk and hang out with new people, well it would be loverly to have a boyfriend over the summer. mmmmmm would i rather be skinnyer or get a boyfriend, boyfrined i think, but one who actually isnt a dick 24/7. welll guys im off to watch family guy, eee i do love stewii <3
laterzzz, xxx

Thursday, 8 July 2010

'this is impossible'. 'only if you believe it is'.

ever since tv shack got closed down i've been completely stuck for movies until a friend recommened the quality isn't fab but hey ho. i do rather love tim burtons alice in wonderland, and jonny depp as the mad hatter blimeyy o' rileyy he's mental, i adore him.

i'm going to jazz up my blog soon when i have the time, been so busy with coursework and helping my girls finish off their work that the only time im on my netbook is at night, and even then i'm only on facebook and itunes. i've now decided that life's far to short for what if's you should just go be happy, because people don't wait around forever.

till next time, emma :) xxx

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

does this really need a title ?

hey guys, my first blog exciting stuff huh ? :)
mmmmmmm i dont quite know what to
put on here, i'll go read some other peoples blogs and then come back and finish this one.
chowww for nowww.