Friday, 9 July 2010

i have his mojo'.

ummmm i do rather love it when someone you havent spoken to in awhile comes back into your life. i've decided to write a story about general crapp since one of my friends is addicted to movies so im going to write a story for him to turn into the next hollywood blockbuster :)
i dont know if im ment to be uploading pictures on here or do i just blab on about anything ?
it seeems at the moment that this blog is just going to be me talking about pointless crap. i hope this summer is a good 'en, i know this is silly but i want to get drunk and hang out with new people, well it would be loverly to have a boyfriend over the summer. mmmmmm would i rather be skinnyer or get a boyfriend, boyfrined i think, but one who actually isnt a dick 24/7. welll guys im off to watch family guy, eee i do love stewii <3
laterzzz, xxx

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