Thursday, 23 September 2010

seriously ?!

dayumm. i hate change, period. i miss the summer; late nights, sun 24/7, eating as much crap as you can stomache and tom. but now schools back and winters just around the corner everything changes and i hardly see him, as for eating all the crap im sat with an empty magnum wrapper by my side and a can of sprite on my desk. ops :) gran died this month too, so september what the hell, sort yourself out please (yn) i can only pray that october is better and more nights out with thomas, yesss ?
i'm off to package up a shirt i sold the other day on ebay before i forget to do it, shall write later and will hopefully sort out that titel thing at the top with some cool art shizz. LOVE AND KISSES, emm xoxoxo
forever and always in my heart GRANDMA JOYCE. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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