Tuesday, 5 October 2010

slow down, please ?

really wish i had more time to sit and type up everything thats happened, i was gonna start a little book for gran with everything that i'd done in the day, kinda like a diary but i still havent gotten around to it :/
its unreal how fast this year has gone, i can still remember new years eve as if it was only last week, but i think so much as happened this year, i've met some really amazing people, i've been hurt and let down and i've laughed till i cried. i think that i've changed too and i reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally hope to dye my hair soon, i know its stupid but i think it will give me the confidence boost that i neeed :)
anyway i have to go do my english coursework,
i promise, promise, promise to sort the banner thing out and write more often and not just rambel on about anything :')
LOVES, emm xoxo

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