Monday, 11 October 2010

i've got some time yus ?

oh man, life is so great i mean come on i have red hair and amazing friends, a family that support me and all i can think about is how much i miss tom. boys mess with your heads :( its been a month since i last saw him and i cant stop thinking about how much i wish i could have been happyier and i wish i'd just hugged him and taken a moment to memorise his face because now its bluring in my mind. how gay do i sound :| urghh this blog was ment to be something cool but lately its turned into me ranting about how crapp things have gotten. wish i could go back to the summer holidays, i miss tom. end of.
on a more happyier note the inbetweeners is on tonight so im looking forward to that, im not however looking forward to the french and history coursework which is sat waiting for me on my bedroom floor, as im currently taking a break on the sofa and catching up with my desperate housewives :)
right if theres some kind of magical person who reads blogs please oh please can i see tom sometime soon cause its driving me c r a z y !
oohh yeahh i figured out how to sort the border thing, i just need to get photoshop downloaded onto here and its all hunky dorey. ina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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